EMT-Basic Program

Get mission-ready and certified fast!

Our EMT-Basic Program
If caring for sick and injured people in emergency situations sounds rewarding, a career as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) could be for you. EMTs work in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and are a vital link in the chain of health care. EMTs are first responders to medical incidents and accident scenarios where they provide care and facilitate transportation to more advanced medical facilities.

Get certified in less time and gain real hands-on experience with Texas EMS Academy. Taught by veteran EMS professionals, our program prepares you for real-life challenges using current technology and techniques. This includes realistic emergency simulations and local ambulance clinical hours, allowing you to experience what it means to be an EMT before achieving certification. Texas EMS Academy also provides testing assistance for those who need a little extra help.

Taught by experienced EMS professionals with current expertise, our workshop-style classes include real-world implementations, hands-on training, and instruction to ensure you master the knowledge and skills you need to save lives. All students will also have clinicals on an ambulance and in an Emergency Room setting to further prepare them for success.

14-Day Course
Our 14-Day accelerated EMT program is the fastest in the state. We know time is money, and we don't want to waste either of yours. This program is 14 days straight (including weekends) from 8:00 AM until 8:00 PM. These 14 days include classroom lecture and clinical hours both on an ambulance and in the emergency room.

30-Day Course (Nights & Weekends)
We know not everyone can be here for 14 days straight. You might have work, a family, or maybe there is another reason why the 14 day program won't work for you. That's why we also offer a 30-Day program. We cover the exact same material and you get to experience the exact same number of clinical hours on an ambulance and emergency room, just over a longer period of time due to shorter amount of hours per day. The classroom lecture portion of this class is Monday through Friday from 6:30 PM until 10:30 PM. The ambulance and emergency room rotations are Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 AM until 8:00 PM.

Enrollment Requirements
  ▪ High School Diploma, GED or official transcript (must have graduation date)
  ▪ Complete list of shot records
    ▫ MMR
    ▫ Influenza (Fall / Winter Students Only)
    ▫ Varicella
    ▫ Negative TB Test (within last six months)
    ▫ Hepatitis B (three shot series)
    ▫ Tetanus (within last ten years)
  ▪ Ten panel drug screening (included in price)
  ▪ State level background check (included in price)

Drug Policy
Due to the difficulty in separating marijuana use vs CBD use in positive THC cases, students are not allowed to use any CBD products while attending any of our courses. Any student whose drug screening results return positive will be dismissed from the program without refund.

What's Included
 ▪ State level background check
 ▪ Ten panel drug screening
 ▪ Liability insurance
 ▪ T-shirt for classroom instruction
 ▪ Collared shirt for clinicals
 ▪ Textbook or E-Book
 ▪ CPR card

Temporary Housing
If you are in need of temporary housing please visit the Residence Inn by Mariott in Corpus Christi by clicking here to access our discounted rate.

Payment Options
14-Day Course
The total cost of the course is $2,850.00

30-Day Course
The total cost of the course is $2,850.00

Military Discount
For both active and retired military members.
If you show us your military ID we will take an additional $150.00 off the cost of the course.

Payment must be made in full before the start of class.

Financing Options
We offer financing through United Medical Credit. Upon being accepted into our program you will be sent instructions on how to apply for financing.

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Upcoming Classes
Course Start Date End Date Location
14 Day EMT January 2nd, 2023 January 15th, 2023 Corpus Christi, TX
14 Day EMT January 16th, 2023 January 29th, 2023 Corpus Christi, TX
30 Day EMT February 6th, 2023 March 7th, 2023 Corpus Christi, TX
14 Day EMT March 6th, 2023 March 19th, 2023 Corpus Christi, TX
14 Day EMT March 20th, 2023 April 2nd, 2023 Corpus Christi, TX
30 Day EMT April 3rd, 2023 May 2nd, 2023 Corpus Christi, TX
14 Day EMT May 1st, 2023 May 14th, 2023 Corpus Christi, TX
14 Day EMT May 15th, 2023 May 28th, 2023 Corpus Christi, TX
30 Day EMT June 5th, 2023 July 5th, 2023 Corpus Christi, TX
14 Day EMT July 3rd, 2023 July 17th, 2023 Corpus Christi, TX
14 Day EMT July 17th, 2023 July 30th, 2023 Corpus Christi, TX
30 Day EMT August 7th, 2023 September 6th, 2023 Corpus Christi, TX
14 Day EMT September 5th, 2023 September 18th, 2023 Corpus Christi, TX
14 Day EMT September 18th, 2023 October 1st, 2023 Corpus Christi, TX
30 Day EMT October 2nd, 2023 October 31st, 2023 Corpus Christi, TX
14 Day EMT November 6th, 2023 November 19th, 2023 Corpus Christi, TX
14 Day EMT December 4th, 2023 December 17th, 2023 Corpus Christi, TX

Refund Policy
Due to our purchasing of your state-level background check, drug screening and curriculum, your $1,000 deposit is non-refundable. You are only entitled to a 90% refund of what you pay beyond the $1,000 deposit if you elect to withdraw from the course at least 15 days prior to the start of the course. If you withdraw from the course 14 days or less to the start of the course you will receive a 0% refund.

* The student is responsible for registering for the National Registry EMT Examination at the conclusion of the course.

Q: Can I change my course date one registered?
A: Yes – if you need to rescheduled your registration to a future course with us that better aligns with your schedule, please email us to make this request no later than ten (10) business days prior to your original EMT class start date.

Q: Will I be able to obtain my EMT license in any state?
A: Yes, for many states. Our EMT Course graduates are eligible to sit for the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician’s (NREMT) Exam. Successful completion of this exam results in the candidates being certified by NREMT as an EMT. Next, the candidate will apply for state-specific licensure in the state(s) of his or her choosing.

Q: Are meals provided?
A: No – meals are the responsibility of each student and not included in our flat-rate tuition. However, plenty of great restaurants are located nearby and meal delivery services are available.

Q: Do your EMT instructors have backgrounds in EMS?
A: Yes – our instructors on average have 10+ years of service as licensed and certified EMS providers as well as proven instructional experience with students. Many of our EMT Instructors hold advanced licenses, education, and training such as Paramedic, masters degrees, advanced scopes of practice, and other national-level certifications.

Q: When do I take the test for the NREMT?
A: The NREMT exam is taken at a Pearson testing site and is scheduled by the student after obtaining their course completion certificate.